Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolution Time Part II

For 2010:
I would still like not to get burned, but I would also like not to be afraid or bitter regarding situations in which I may get burned or have in the past
I need to open an IRA or something
I need to run a few half marathons so I feel like a runner again
Spill less, whine less, hug more.
Eat organic, at least partly
Balance grad school, work, social life, and maybe even a love life
Enjoy all of my many blessings in life, and play the hand I'm dealt.

Resolution Time

So here's all of my failed resolutions of years past. A little depressing.

Don't get burned in 2006. - FAIL

Take more pictures and get better at using the stinking camera. - FAIL
Don't get burned. Yes, this was my failed resolution of 2006, but we're trying again. It may mean I'll need to stay away from hot stoves, or crappy guys, or both, but I'm hoping the benefits will be worth going against my instincts. - FAIL
Hug more, put foot in mouth less. - FAIL

Whine less
Stay aware of the world around me, by reading one campaign and one international politics article per day, and one education book or journal per month. - FAIL
Run better, by finding new long runs, i.e. in Kettle Moraine South, and by achieving a 2:10:00 in the Lake Country Half marathon, and by training for and running the Madison marathon. - FAIL
Be a better friend, by writing letters to missionaries 2 times per month, sending birthday cards or emails to a list of 20 people, responding to emails within 2 days, and reviving 2 specific friendships. - FAIL
Super Secret Fifth Goal - FAIL

run a 5K, 10K, half marathon - check on 2/3
pay off debt - FAIL
call my brother once a month - FAIL
email my grandma once a month - FAIL
do the 5C3 challenge - FAIL
memorize a book of the bible (1 John or Philippians) - FAIL
Go 2 weeks without biting my nails, then quit for good. – FAIL (though I did go a month or two at a time)