Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions 2012

I realize that I haven't posted here since March, and I probably won't write much this year, either. But I still wanted to do some declarative New Years Resolutions, since I didn't last year. Since there were no 2011 goals, let's look back at 2010:

For 2010:

  • I would still like not to get burned, but I would also like not to be afraid or bitter regarding situations in which I may get burned or have in the past - YES!
  • I need to open an IRA or something - YES!
  • I need to run a few half marathons so I feel like a runner again - YES!
  • Spill less, whine less, hug more. - I guess this one is a little subjective, but I don't think I'm known anymore for spilling or whining. Unless I'm cold.
  • Eat organic, at least partly - YES!
  • Balance grad school, work, social life, and maybe even a love life - All except grad school. That sucked.
  • Enjoy all of my many blessings in life, and play the hand I'm dealt. - Yes. And I am feeling quite blessed as of late.

Overall, a success, more so than in any other year in the 00's. So here's the plan for this year, many of which make use of social networking:

For 2012

Every day goals:

  • Record all of my running and workouts on Daily Mile
  • Record my nutrition on My Fitness Pal
  • Journal about my blessings and prayers
  • Read the Bible, using the Life Journal Reading Plan

Things I'd like to do but won't feel bad if they don't happen:

  • Save money for a down payment on a home
  • Get a haircut
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Finish my PDP
  • Run another marathon
  • SuperSecret Goal