Friday, February 25, 2005

5 week wrapup

So now that I consult my calendar, it seems I've been in student teaching for 5 weeks now. I can't decide if it seems like longer or shorter than that. It's been an overwhelming time, and I think I've been sick for the majority of it. It's been great, though, and super educational. I've gotten to attend conferences and meet loads of parents at other functions. The parents are all so supportive of their children's education, which I love. the Junior High teachers occasionally complain about parents being overly involved, but I don't think so. I really hope I can be such a part of my kids' lives, if and when I have them.

I've been given the oppurtunity to plan a field trip to an Engineering Expo coming up. I'll be fulfilling the Legal Rights and Responsibilities Standard, which is necessary, and gaining experience in dealing with registering 50-some kids for an event, coordinating chaperones, and sending out permission slips.

I've been to Mass once a week since I started the semester, which has been interesting. I'm really enjoying the traditions associated with worship in the Catholic Church, even though I disagree with some of their teachings. Working on this Reformation unit has helped me to be more aware of the differences and similarities between my Lutheran beliefs and Catholic ones, and it's interesting to note the many points of agreement. I do wish there was more variety in the hymns, though.

On the topic of The Unit, as I've come to call it... I start teaching it on Monday, and let me say: it has been a major source of stress. I don't know how teachers manage to come up with all kinds of unique, engaging, multiple learning styles lessons. Maybe they don't. I have the first lesson completely written, except for standards. I have all of my project materials written, needing just a few revisions. I've read my resources for the SAC lesson, and my biggest task right now is re-writing them so they are readable at the 7/8th grade levels. That's my task for tomorrow.

I was supposed to be lead teaching next week while I taught my unit, but after a couple of sleepless nights, I realized that wasn't a good idea. I hadn't had any time to work on planning science lessons, and would have completely messed the kids up. I talked to Hannah about it, and she was fine with rescheduling. I did feel bad, though. I know that I'm scatterbrained and emotional and disorganized, and that I always get everything together just in time, but no one else needs to know that. I'm afraid Hannah's figuring it out, though, which I don't like. I need to maintain a professional appearance while in her classroom so that she respects me and lets me take on more responsibilities. I also need her to write that evaluation at the end. I think as I move through this unit, and on to teaching more science stuff, I'll become more comfortable teaching and mre in control of things.

Closing thought: How do I deal with a student in class who always has an answer for everything? I guess last year she was very shy, and not a good student, so she has shown great growth this year. But the other kids resent her, and appear to feel inadequate. Hanna's not too concerned, but I'm wondering if there's a way I can better address her lack of social graces, without telling her to hide her intelligence.

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