Sunday, March 25, 2007

In My Mind I'm Going To Carolina

But in my car I'm going to Peoria, Bowling Green, or Wild Rose. These are my options, as I see them, for my Spring Break, April 6-15. I don't know of anyone else with a break at the same time, so I'm probably going this alone. That is, unless I can convince anyone to take some vacation time to take a road trip with me.

Why the random boring locales? I need to get some relaxing done, and I don't want to do it at home. I'm not looking for a Disney World vacation, just a get-away from my apartment. A little excitement and change of pace, that's all. It'd be nice to share with a friend, but I think it'd be exciting to do alone, too.

We'll see what comes of this. Kentucky would be exciting.

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