Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Pleasant Dealings with a Wireless Company

What I'm about to say here may seem a bit strange, so brace yourself. This week, I found it necessary to enter into the Sprint retail store not once, but TWO times and request assistance. Both times, I was given courtesy above and beyond what I expected, even beyond that which is common. I would even go so far as to say that the Sprint representatives were - gasp, choke - kind.

Trip One: My flip phone broke in two pieces when I dropped it for the kabillionth time. I'm lucky my computer is too big to carry around much, or I wouldn't have that for very long, either, the way I drop things. So I went in to inquire about getting a new plan before my contract was up. Not going to happen, but only because my parents are still on my family plan, which ends on October 19. In the meantime, my new friend Miguel found me a hands free set that I could plug into my somehow-still-functioning phone, so that I could make calls, until I found a better option.

Trip Two: I acquired a temporary replacement phone, and went back to the store to activate it, which is supposed to cost $36. Service with a smile to activate new phone, and transfer numbers - free. I left happy.

Probably still sticking with Sprint, especially knowing that my service issues were likely due to my crummy old phone. Try talking to me on my replacement phone. I trust that you'll actually be able to hear me now! All it takes is a few good customer service experiences, and you're a changed person.

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