Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Everywhere Person

Has anyone ever heard of this phenomenon? Back in college, there was this guy that I saw on the street all the time, in a ton of my classes (all unrelated ones), and just generally random places. he was a very distinctive looking guy, with a black pea coat and hooded sweatshirt underneath (very popular at the time of Dogma), and dark greasy hair. I never talked to my everywhere person, and it always sort of unnerved me when I found him in yet another place or situation that I was in.

Now 3 years out of college, I have a new everywhere person. I've often seen this man at Pick n Save when I do my late night shopping, and tonight he was wandering up 124th street. He's an interesting man. I'm going to name him Richard. I think he has a friend, and occasionally they make mad dashes through the store picking out produce and things to grill.

I would like to learn more about Richard.

I would also like to find more information on the Everywhere Person Phenomenon.


Eric said...

Jessie said...

So you're saying that I see Richard because I want to see Richard, and that there's lots of other people that I see all the time too, but I ignore them because they don't fit my theory?

joshjs said...

J said...

This totally happened to me in Spain, and it still freaks me out!

I was in Barcelona, on top of Casa Milla looking at the chimneys, and I discovered a fellow Wisconsinite! We chatted, had a nice two-minute conversation regarding the UW system, then said our farewells.

Three months later I was in Seville for a class trip. We were standing in front of the Plaza de Espana, and guess who I ran into?!

...All right, maybe it's not the same thing. But it's still weird.