Friday, September 19, 2008

TV I Can Get Into

In the past week, nothing has helped me decompress after the ridiculous stress of a new job more than some good new tv.

Seinfeld, Scrubs, and Office reruns have all been getting old and 24 has sucked in recent seasons.

Which has caused a revival of Netflix Instant viewing.

For Couple Quality Time: Weeds. Hilarious, yet serious, bringing up some serious family and political issues. Plus, the half hour segments are perfect for that time when dinner is in the oven.

For "I have a migraine" Friday nights with the roomie: Heroes. I can see why people are so into this show. We watched 6 episodes tonight, and I plan on watching at least that many more before the weekend is over. I just can't believe it's a network show, with all the sex and violence.


J said...

You watched six episodes of Heroes in one night? Geez, Mike and I could barely do that in one week. But we managed. Oh, how we managed.

I got too emotional for it, though. I think I spent myself by the end of Season 1 and never fully recovered enough to continue with subsequent seasons. Oh well.


Jessie said...

Not only did I watch 6 episodes at once, since last weekend, I've nearly finished the first season. I plan on completing it today. You see, after Sept 30, Season 1 is no longer available on Netflix instant. MOTIVATION!