Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letters from Africa - Day 2

Hi guys!

Today I'm a little bit more rested than yesterday. We woke up really early to go on a safari, and saw pretty much every African animal there is to see. It was wonderful.

Then we went to a village market, in which I realized what a "Muzungo" I am. (Muzungo means White Girl).

In response to Dad's question: A mutatu is a type of bus here in Nairobi. It's a van that holds 14 passengers. One man drives, and one man keeps jumping out of the van to get people to ride. Even if you don't really want to go there, he tries to convince you that you do. They drive very fast, in heavy traffic and bad pollution, and play VERY very loud gangsta rap music. This is the primary mode of transportation for Kenyans. Not so much for white people. It's great.

The rest of our friends get here tomorrow morning, and we are going to Nairobi Chapel for church. Monday we fly to Yabus.

Love you all,


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