Sunday, August 11, 2013

Resolutions 2013

Yup. Its August. And I'm just now writing my resolutions post for 2013. You know why?  Because here's my resolution for this year:

Just live. Be content. Don't do anything new. Enjoy what I have in its abundance.

And I have. Life is good.

I'm not really exercising, instead I'm chasing my new crawler around, and playing on the playground with my preschoolers.

I'm not eating exceptionally well, but I'm enjoying what I eat and modeling that enjoyment for my daughter.

I'm not keeping up with correspondence with old friends. But I'm getting together for play dates with a few moms,  and making some new friends in various groups. And I am spending good quality time with people, even though it may not happen very often.

No super secret goals this year. Just living.

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