Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Break Up - A Review

I've been meaning to see this one for awhile, but since I so infrequently watch movies at all since Movie Club ended, there's usually something more meaningful or worthy of my time standing in the way. Tonight, though, my friend and I just needed something that didn't require too much thinking, and that would keep me awake (Children of Men and Pursuit of Happyness were the runners up, for those keeping score). We chose relationship humor over anything more serious.

All I'd like to say is this: 1. I don't like when movies make girls look dumb, and this movie did a few times. Jennifer Aniston redeemed herself eventually, though, I think. 2. For a comedy, it was a little too thought provoking for my liking. A few parts where I found myself nodding off. 3. I really liked the ending.

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