Monday, July 09, 2007

I Would Like to See At Lifefest...

  • Aaron Shust (W)
  • Toby Mac (W)
  • Newsboys (F)
  • MXPX (F)
  • Skillet (F)
  • Jars of Clay (S)
  • Third Day (S)
  • Superchic (S)
  • Chris Tomlin (Su)
  • Annette Busalacchi (W,F,S,Su)


J said...

You know, I think one of Mike's old bands played at LifeFest once upon a time... back in 2005... Ever hear of The Lisa Weyerhauser Band?


Josh said...

Every day is a life fest for me, baby.

Jessie said...

Diehl - Can't say I've ever heard of it. But that doesn't say much. I'm a newbie at this event.

j - way to grab that bull by the horns.

Anonymous said...

want my autograph?