Thursday, July 26, 2007

Movie Night: The Holiday

After Krista cooked me dinner tonight, she finally talked me into sharing her favorite chick flick with her. I generally resist typical chick flicks on the big screen, but have no reason to refuse from the comfort of a La Z Boy. I think I'm going to change my habits.

Nice movie. Not too formulaic, and seemed to end well. A good amount of romance, without a lot of sappiness and cheesiness. The plot and the writing even made me think a bit, and I came away with a new Facebook quote. Memorable to say the least. No, my problem isn't with the movie itself. Rather, I run into the same discomfort as with The Breakup; that is, I relate simply too well with the characters and the plots. Perhaps this shows good writing, or good psychology in knowing what the female audience wants. For me, however, it just bums me out.

No more romance flicks. Simpsons, anyone?

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