Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Excuse Me, Mr. Yorn??

I decided to skip Pete Yorn at the rave this past Saturday, in favor of going camping for free in the Southern Kettle Moraine, and do some trail reconstruction on the Ice Age Trail. This was a very very hard decision, because I do so love Pete's older material, and some of his new stuff, and I crave camping all the time.

As the forecast began to show lots and lots of storm clouds, I made the proclamation that the only way I would regret my decision would be in the case that a) it rained the entire camping trip and b) Pete Yorn actually played Lose You.

It rained. Oh, how it rained. I am still wet. My gear will never be the same. But I had some fantastic bonding with friends throughout.

"Icy Spring"

"Wild Reds"

So, did Mr. Yorn Play my favorite song? NO! He did in Kansas City, but not in Milwaukee. I made the right choice after all.

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