Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neglected: Heartbreaker

In September of 2005, I must have been a little depressed, because I went on a Ryan Adams buying spree, purchasing Jacksonville City Nights, Gold, and Heartbreaker all in one trip. I fell in love with Jacksonville, forcing those around me to listen to the sad melodies over and over. Gold got stolen from my car, and I'm not sure I noticed.

Heartbreaker is another story. This one has gotten a few listens, and has sat on my shelf, or in my car, for the better part of the past two years. I know it's one of Adam's saddest bastard works, and I knew I'd love it if I only gave it a chance, but I just couldn't get into it. I was just never in the mood.

Well, good news for all you Adams fans out there. Heartbreakers been in my car for a week now, and I love it. I can feel myself slowly becoming more drawn to Carolina, and wishing everyone would just leave me be so I can drown my sorrows in whiskey or something.

Track of choice: Come Pick Me Up


Eric said...

"Oh My Sweet Carolina" is probably the best alt-country song ever written. The next best track on the album are debatable, but if you ask me it's "Call Me On Your Way Back Home."

Jessie said...

I'll give you "Oh My Sweet Carolina." That's the track that stays in my head and makes me feel the loss that Ryan Adams embodies. "Call Me On Your Way Back Home" usually gets skipped in my car, because it's better enjoyed with a glass of wine on AppleTV. There's just something about "Come Pick Me Up," though. It's a little bitter, which is the flavor I like.

Josh said...

Coupla things:

1. Heartbreaker has gotta be in my top ten albums. You've been missing out.

2. Go fetch Suicide Handbook, missy. If you don't have it already, that is.

3. During my music import process over here, "Chin Up, Cheer Up" (from Demolition) and "Faithless Street" (from Whiskeytown's album of the same name) have gone back into the rotation. Recommended.

Jessie said...

1. I have been missing out. I'm glad to be here now.
2. I've had Suicide Handbook since shortly after Cold Roses. Best Adams album I've heard.
3. I'll have to check those two out. I have some Whiskeytown on my upcoming roadtrip cd, if itunes will ever let me burn them.

Eric said...

There has been much talk lately of a Ryan Adams box set to be released around the end of the year, containing all of the "officially unreleased" stuff, plus some things that have never escaped the vaults.

If the rumors are true, it'll include a different version of Suicide Handbook and Cold Roses disc 3.

Jessie said...

[taps fingers excitedly]