Friday, November 02, 2007

97 Miles in September, 90 in October... 100 in November?

I haven't been setting any running goals since August, when I completed my 300. I kind of think I cheated a little this summer, by using training plans that did most of the work for me and told me when I needed to run. Looking back on my logs (the greatest online tool at Runner's, I'm seeing my numbers drop dramatically. I don't like this. I know I can do more. And I think it's because I have no goals, and I have no training plan, and I have no upcoming race. So it's back to a goal. I said in October that I'd like to do 300 by Christmas. This means 100 each month until then, and I've already fallen short of that for October. I'm going to adapt the goal to read "300 Miles by Martin Luther King Jr. Day." I think I can do it.

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