Friday, November 16, 2007

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

This is actually the title of a book that you're supposed to read before you get married, but here's a list that, if followed, will help to prevent any self-help books from happening. If used correctly, it may also prevent over-analysis of relationships, the silent treatment, and may lead to more cuddling and quality time, and football, and other good things.

That said... Avoid the following situations, or proceed with due caution.

9 Simple Things That Will Cause Fights In Any Relationship
1. Directions, or lack there of
2. Moving
3. Neglecting the 10 minute post-work decompression time
4. Dishes
5. Cleaning
6. Board games
7. Picture hanging
8. Insecurity
9. The trash

You have been warned.

Thanks to Heather for her contributions to this project.

Update 11/17 12:12am - Thanks to Josh and Eric. Josh, flatulence shouldn't cause fights, if both parties are open and honest and accepting. I'll give you insecurity, however, even though it's a bit general. Eric, I'll give you trash.


joshjs said...

8. Insecurity
9. Flatulence

Eric said...

10. When Heather's like "Could you take out the trash," and I'm like, yeah, I'll do it in x minutes, and then x / 2 minutes later she's like, "Did you take out the trash?" And I'm like, "Jeeeeeeez, I said I'd do it, why are you always like this?" So OF COURSE she's all "Excuse me, like what?" And I tell her exactly like what, and oh by the way, the trash would be outside by now if we weren't having this conversation, thank you very much.

J said...

Can I be so bold as to say none of those things have caused fights, or even hard feelings, for either of us during our relationship?