Thursday, April 02, 2009


I just had a blissful experience buying running shoes last night. In the past, I've gone to a very small, local running store, where I'm ignored and condescended to, until a local track star enters the store, and then I'm all but shoved out the back door. Not much knowledge, or at least none to share with me, a lowly female runner.

So, needing to trade in my faithful Brooks Adrenaline GTS for a pair exactly like them, I headed to Fleet Feet Sports in Brookfield. There, I had my gait analyzed over and over in an attempt to perfectly correct my over-pronation. There was only one girl working in the store that day,and there happened to be another customer in before me. The clerk (Shoe specialist?) repeatedly apologized for offering me less than one on one service, as she explained the mechanics of my shoe and orthotics.

I can't wait to run today in my new, ultra stability shoes. And I can't wait until he 300-500 mile mark when i have the privelege of giving this store my money again.

Also, they have running club.

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Eric said...

How much did these things cost? I need better shoes too, even though I'm running with almost-new Nikes.