Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Egg Experiment

For a long while I've been on a mission to make the perfect hard boiled egg. Up to this point, all efforts have failed. But now I'm on Spring Break with time on my hands, and I'm trying the scientific method on this beast. I have a dozen eggs and an electric vegetable steamer. I'm trying one egg at a time and adjusting variables such as cooking time and amount of water in the basket. Stay tuned to find out how each trial goes.

Trial 1: Bottom reservoir of steamer full. 1 egg in dry basket. Time: 30 minutes. Immerse in ice water for 10 minutes after cooking.
Observations: Eggselent. The shell peeled right off, and there was no green ring around the yolk. Yum.

Trial 2: Turns out there's actually divots made for eggs in the steamer basket. Trying that for 30 minutes.
Observations: 30 minutes was too long using this method. One egg cracked open and leaked, the others just cracked. Taste was good and shell removal was easy.

Conclusions: I will continue using the basket with a 30 minute cooking time and ice bath. Hopefully having eggs around will help me to curb some of my snacking urges and lead to generally healthier living for me.

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