Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to the Blog?

Well, I started this blog many moons ago, and did absolutely nothing with it after the first five posts, which were pretty boring to the outside observer. And there it sat.

I have recently found and toyed with some other options:

  • I started a xanga blog some time ago mostly so I could comment on other people's stuff, then enjoyed writing it. But it irritated me that non-xanga friends couldn't post comments. So I had no real way of tracking who was reading my stuff, unless they were the 5 xanga friends that I had.
  • Myspace has a blog feature that's pretty popular, but I didn't want to get more sucked in by myspace than I already was with adding friends and whatnot.

There were some other factors that made me want to move away from xanga and myspace as a means of telling the world about my life. Which brings me back here to blogger. I figured, "Heck, if Kevin and Eric and Josh can do it, why can't I?"

This is going to require just a bit of work before I get it up and running and looking cool, though. Please bear with me. And enjoy!

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