Thursday, September 28, 2006

On The Benefits of Jogging

I did it. I said at the end of August that I would jog 25 miles in September. Here it is, September 28th, and I just filled in the last two spaces on my jogging log. It is a wonderful feeling. And I think I'm going to do it again in October.

Why? I used to have the idea i my head that maybe I should jog because it would make me skinnier and more attractive to the opposite sex. That never ended being enough incentive, because I don't care a whole lot about what guys think of me. Well, I do, but I'm not willing to drastically change to fit what they think I should look like.

My main reason for beginning a routine was simply because I felt I should be able to. Eric can do 50, so why can't I do 25? and I did, and I've discovered countless benefits.
  • I feel better. Improved mood, fewer headaches, fewer of the regular aches.
  • I'm eating better. Most junk food kind of grosses me out these days, and I simply find myself eating less in general.
  • I'm sleeping better. I don't usually need quite as much sleep as I used to, I'm waking up better, and sleeping more soundly.
  • I feel good about myself. Forget what other people think of me, I like how I look. Pants are a little looser, the little black dresses look good, and my calves are tighter than they've ever been.
  • I'm less stressed. During what could have been a very stressful and emotional time, I found better things to do. Jogging has been a great release, and has helped me to see life in a more calm, rational, pragmatic way.
  • I'm proud of me. I set a goal, and I accomplished it. No wussing out, no giving up. I did it. I'm using the body that God gave me, and not letting it sit and rot. I'm so blessed to be able to do the things I can, and it seems now like such a waste not to be active.
  • Jogging does take about an hour, from initial changing of clothes to jogging to cool down to shower to getting presentable again. But what would I be doing in that time otherwise? Napping? Sitting on the couch?
  • I've been hitting the Advil a little harder than usual, trying to ease some of the charly horses, shin splints, and muscle cramps that have hit my legs.
Really, I feel like a person who's just quit smoking and who wants to tell the whole world why they too should quit smoking. It's wonderful.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh man, I know how you feel!

I run when I can - between bike polo and skating there isn't much more exercise a girl can do but some days you just have to run (or jog) I actually went for a run on friday that was awesome feeling...A nice change from the pedaling and the pushing.

Make sure you STRETCH really well because that might take care of your muscle cramps, shin splints, and stuff...