Sunday, September 10, 2006

Josh Gets Beat Up By A Girl...

...and other stories.

Pete Yorn rocked. A little more rocking than I really like, though. We were standing so close to him, and it would have been great if he had sung some nice slow soft songs like Just Another or A Girl Like You, or even Lose You. Alas, he played none of the above. But he did play The Man, and Bandstand in the Sky, which were on my list of songs I really wanted to hear. Crowd sing-alongs sounded good in the space, and Martyr's was quite nice, with lots of standing room and good beer. I look forward to hearing the recording of the show when it becomes available.

Spending an evening with Josh and Eric was also really rewarding. Cracker Barrel, nice car, Pete Yorn, and a Big Bowl of Corn. What more could a person ask for?