Sunday, February 04, 2007

Remember My Chains

I generally don't quote or discuss scripture or heavy spiritual matters here on this blog, for the sake of my narrow audience. I think my range may be broadening a bit these days and besides, this is necessary today for the sake of some perspective.

In reading Colossians today, I was struck by the phrase at the end of Paul's letter, "Remember my chains." (As a bit of background, Paul was a very important and persecuted follower of Jesus, who after Jesus' death, traveled the world teaching and spreading the Gospel to others. landed in jail for his work, ended up martyred). He refers to his chains multiple other times in his letters, perhaps for the purpose of reminding the early Christians that life was not all easy cheesy. They could die for their belief. They could be put in jail. Their leaders could be taken from them. "Remember my chains."

Then I sit here and I worry about the things on my plate today, and I think about the topics my friends have been discussing lately. how much money will I make next year? Will I find a cute enough outfit to wear for my birthday? Will I get to take a nap today? Will a cute boy be at the party tonight? Will he talk to me? Will I get married in the next 6 months, or will it take a year? Will my hands get cold running to my car? Will anyone help me set up or clean up for the party that I'm throwing? Is the ministry being run as best as it can, and could I run it better?

I know it's impossible to constantly maintain a global perspective. But RIGHT NOW, someone is being arrested or even killed for their beliefs. Someone is in chains for what they believe, and their ministry, their life, is FINISHED. They're worrying about who is going to feed their family now that they're in chains. Who is going to lead their people now that they're in chains.

To quote my least favorite line from my favorite pastor, "I don't know where you're at," but as for me, as I go through my day today, and my activities this week, I'm going to focus on keeping a perspective that remembers the chains of those who truly do the work of God.

"Remember my chains."

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Eric said...

I think the majority of people dying for their religious beliefs these days are probably Muslim.