Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is It Warm Yet?

On my way home from work today, there was a police car blocking off National Avenue close to my house, and I needed to take a detour around the parkway. This took me around the back of my neighborhood, and much to my delight, I found myself on my summertime jogging route.

Some of you may recall me taking up jogging back in September and October. I jogged 25 and 30 miles throughout each month, and felt amazing when I accomplished each goal. This ended the second the weather got coldand life caught up with me in November, and I went back to being out of shape and unhappy.

Now I'm back at the gym, really enjoying myself and sticking with a routine (thanks to some great tunes, an agreeable work schedule, and a workout buddy who keeps me on track).

But that little detour yesterday really reminded me how much I liked jogging. My muscles just felt so needed, so productive. and I'm willing to bed that since I've been weight training a little bit these days, I'd be able to run even further/ faster.

So the solution, methinks, is to find both a free indoor track somewhere close, and a friend who will go jog there with me. Ideas from the peanut gallery?


Elizabeth said...

Yay Gym Times!

I have been taking salsa dancing classes and it is a great workout AND really really fun.

I can't do the whole running thing but give me a dance class and I'm set.

Jessie said...

Are dace classes at all like aerobics classes? Because I've tried those, and they're NO FUN! Almost anythign that requires coordination throws me for a loop, unfortunately.