Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Goals for May

Fried foods were a success! I think I can safely say that I beat them, and that I will continue to abstain from them as a life choice. That's not to say that I won't occasionally eat a fried cheese curd here or there, or dip a Ruffle in some dip once or twice. But I just feel so much better without all the excess hot grease running through my veins, and I won't be eating deep fried anything as my main course anytime in the near future.

Next on the agenda, food wise, will be soda. I'm mostly there anyway, since I hardly drink the stuff, seeing as it's too expensive, but this will be the final kick in the pants. Hopefully it will help with my running. I thought about giving up pork for various reasons, but I'm not sure on the logistics of that, and didn't want to make it official, in case I fail.

Finally, I will be running 40 miles in May. I've prepared the sticker chart, and it's hanging on my wall. There may be a prize if I finish. Probably not, because the intrinsic reward is so great. Anyone in with me?

Update 5/3/07 I'm tempted to give in to a vague feeling of competition with the External Internal Monologue and change my goal to 50 Miles in May. But I've already set it, and 40 miles it will be. I'm satisfied with that.

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