Saturday, January 03, 2009


Stealing from josh, I have a brief list of things I'd like to do in 2009. Not nearly as extensive as Jen's, I think I have a nice balance of things I know I can check off, and things that might be a challenge. In no particular order.

  • read all 4 Twilight books - check!
  • run a 5K, 10K, half marathon
  • pay off debt
  • start grad school - check!
  • take GRE - check!
  • visit Africa
  • save $5000
  • bake 2 new pies, and 2 new cakes
  • make a meatloaf
  • listen to meatloaf
  • learn to appreciate red wine
  • call my brother once a month
  • email my grandma once a month
  • do the 5C3 challenge
  • memorize a book of the bible (1 John or Philippians)
  • look into an IRA
  • read Once a Runner
  • read and discuss The Shack - Check!
  • make a really nice tasting batch of wine
  • wear glasses more
  • Update - Go 2 weeks without biting my nails, then quit for good.


joshjs said...

If you're gonna memorize a book of the Bible, make it Revelation. Being able to spout some of that stuff off the top of your head could be very amusing.

J said...

Have you ever listened to Meat Loaf while eating meat loaf? It'll blow your mind. ;D