Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad Habits

Regarding my last item on my to do list. I have got to stop biting my fingernails, and the cuticles around them. I am 26 and three quarters years old, and a girl at that, and it is just not socially acceptable for me to bite. It drives Mike insane when I bite. I want very badly to have pretty nails.

So I'm announcing to the world right here, right now, that I'm going to stop, one finger at a time. As of right now, I will not bite or pick at my index or middle fingers. Maybe by starting ith small goals, I will be rewarded with more success.

But beyond starting small, how to do it? I'm really open to any suggestions that people have. Preferable ones that work. Right now I'm trying an incentive, which I know from years of ed psych is probably doomed to fail. But, regardless, if I go 2 weeks without one bite, I will treat myself to a manicure. And if that's what it takes to have pretty hands, I'll keep doing it.

The madness will stop!

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