Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Year in Review - 2008

Since everyone else is writing about their 2009 goals, I figured I may as well jump on the boat and write about mine. First, a recap of 2008 success and failure.
  • Whine Less - Success. I really think I'm a happier, less anxious person than I was at this time last year.
  • Stay aware of the world around me - Failure. I subscribe to lots of news feeds on Google Reader, but somehow, I can never seem to read the NPR or other world news. I'm hooked on, though.
  • Run better - Success/ failure. I did find some really great runs last winter and spring. I sometimes truly enjoyed my ridiculously long runs. And I achieved a personal record in the Door County Half Marathon. But shin splints made me drop out of the marathon, and I haven't run any meaningful distance since.
  • Be a better friend - Success/ failure. I've done fairly well at keeping in touch with my missionary friends. Writing letters is hard when it takes so long for them to be delivered. And I've grown closer in some of my friendships. Birthdays have been forgotten, however, and I've definitely lost contact with several good friends.
  • Super Secret Fifth Goal - Success.

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