Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Breakfast, A Beagle, and Cute Babies

Well, it turns out that I was extra good this year, because Santa surprised me with a brand new digital camera! My Canon point and shoot has made the past several days infinitely more exciting! Hopefully, as I learn how to use my new toy to its fullest potential, it will make this blog infinitely more exciting, too!

Some pictures...

My cousin Jack (before the projectile vomiting incident)

"Who is that?" "Jenna!"

Baby Evan, the sweetest, tiniest addition to the family

I did promise a beagle...

...and some breakfast.

More photoblogging to come, when I get better at it.


ltcol266845 said...

Its nice that your cameras flash doesnt over blow a scene like mine... the one thing that still irks me about my camera... I actually posted a flurry (11) new pictures yesterday evening that are quite good, IMO

Jessie said...

I have lots of problems with the flash. I'm still trying to work out when to use it, when not to, and how I can get some sort of indirect flash.

Eric said...

Avoid flash whenever possible. It blows out the image in most snapshots and the severe contrast costs you lots of detail. And it makes people really ugly.