Monday, December 04, 2006

On Staying Healthy

I've often claimed that I have an exemplary immune system. I have hardly ever taken a day off of work or school due to being ill, and when I do get sick lately, it's for about a day, tops. Meanwhile, the people around me catch strep, pneumonia, the flue, you name it. I've often wondered why this is.

I've come to the conclusion that my amazing immunity is due to the fact that I get adequate rest, and pay attention to how my body feels. When I think I'm starting to get sick, I make sure to stay inside and sleep as much as possible, so that I don't end up having to miss work or the things I love to do, because my body can't shake something. This Friday night, I felt the signs of a flu-like cold coming on. So I spent the entirety of Saturday at home, in my pajamas, doing nothing more strenuous than moving from the couch to my bed, and picking up a book or the remote control. As a result, by Sunday morning, I felt ready to skip and dance!

Imagine my distress then, at the fact that headaches have put me out of commission for an entire week. I've missed work, slacked on my ministry duties, canceled social events, and have felt generally awful since last week Tuesday. In addition, migraines give me this odd, confused feeling, so I'm just not as productive or coherent as I go about my activities. Even as I write this, I'm relying heavily on my spell check (more heavily than usual). I don't like being weak! Just make the pain go away, so I can get on with life!

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