Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No, She Won't!

Update: The ski trip was crazy fun. My first time up the bunny slope ski lift was exhilarating, and at that point I thought the excitement would never end.

I was a quick learner when the slopes were easy, so I was left to my own devices while the experts tended to the intern from Kenya, for whom this season's snow was his first ever. After a few more runs down the baby Green, people were starting to head off to the real hills, and I wanted go, too.

It turns out that there's a HUGE difference in speed between the Beginner Green and the Baby Green hills at Cascade. I was in awe within the first few seconds of the chair lift ride, and had butterflies by the time we made it to the top. Once my group was ready to go, I confidently pushed off with my poles, began to practice my "S" move that I had been told would help me slow down and then proceeded to... scream. And fall. And cry. It was way too fast. Way way way too fast. I had no idea how to get back up, how to get down the hill, what to do.

So, after some kind souls helped me onto my feet and gave me the lesson on tacking that I should have had earlier, I eventually made it down, back to the hill I should have stayed at, and moped for awhile.

I did practice for a long time, and nearly didn't even go back to the real hill at all. Then 45 minutes before the lifts closed, I spied a beginning snowboarder friend coming down the hill and she said she'd babysit me and pick me up whenever I fell. So that gave me the confidence I needed to make it back onto the horse, go back down Big Green a couple more times, and actually look like a real skier!

I even managed to play volleyball the following night, but today, every muscle in my body aches. Ow. I can't wait until February 10th to go back. Bring on the snow.

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