Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

There are many types of great dining experiences. Not quite as many dining experiences that make great leftovers, however. Within that subset, there are only three specific types of leftovers that make excellent breakfast foods. They are, in no particular order: sesame chicken from Emporers Kitchen (served hot); deep dish pizza from Edwardos (served cold); and the second chimichanga from La Fuente (served hot). Mmm, I'm always glad I didn't stuff myself the night before...


joshjs said...

Nothing beats a trip to IHOP, though.

tory dolan said...

True true, Josh... Mmmm... IHOP.

I'm actually not a huge fan of crazy food for breakfast. Maybe it's because I love breakfast foods too much to enjoy dinner foods at breakfast.

Though, I haven't tried any of the three you mentioned, so who knows.

Oh, and it was nice meeting you on Christmas as well.

Anonymous said...

Cold pizza is the best in my opinion. Mmmm... sooo tasty! I'm still in Texas (come home tomorrow) but I wanted to make sure you knew I miss you SOOO much!