Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Snow Day of the 2007-2008 School Year

I'm beginning to doubt global warming. Over the past two years, I've seen more snow days than I ever saw as a child growing up in public schools. My district has canceled school for bitter cold, blizzards, and now an ice storm. Every time I think I hate winter in Wisconsin, I ask myself, "Do schools in Florida or California ever get a random day off in the middle of the week, without some major tragedy befalling their region?" I think not.

Snow days are great, for several reasons.

For starters, the announcement always co mes as a surprise to me. My blinds are closed, so i can't see the snow, and I missed the phone chain call since I was in the shower. In this case, it was one of my roomates that pointed out that many many schools are closed today. Yippee!

Secondly, because the news came late, i was already out of bed, showered, with my hair dried. This means that I won't be wasting my day lazing around in bed. I'll be wasting it lazing around on the computer, with the hopes of doing some very productive things, like rearranging my bedroom, going to the gym, and making homemade Christmas gifts. More on that later.

The final reason this day is so wonderful is the fact that I have many teacher friends, who have off when I have off. So when we get bored, perhaps we'll go sledding!

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