Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where My Peeps At?

Once in a great while, when I have an entire day to kill while it's snowing like crazy outside, I like to check my blog stats. It's not always easy tracking IPs to know exactly who's who, but it's interesting to note where my readers are, so that I can tailor my posts specifically to them.

Of special note:
  • My highest number of returning visitors comes from Elmbrook Church. This tells me that either the pastors are checking up on me (unlikely), or that the interns and ministry assistants have very little to do, and that I need to post more to amuse them (far more probable).
  • I have readers in Germany, Spain, Michigan, California, Minnesota, Montana, Florida, and Illinois. That's a lot of places, considering I only really know people from Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • I'm curious as to who works at Wells Fargo. They read a lot, and hae linked to my page from Josh's. Introduce yourself!
  • One of my readers uses a Linux system. That's cool.


J said...

Michael uses Linux. Perhaps that is he.


Kara said...

The Wells Fargo visitor is just me. I'm afforded a lot of downtime at work, and just too lazt to write e-mails!

Kara said...

Or lazy, I guess.

Jessie said...

Thanks for clearing that up, guys. Really, Hermes uses Linux? He is a nerd. And Kara, you really need to comment more!