Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Netflix On Demand: Chalk

I've discovered that the ability to watch any movie I want, right this second, is both a blessing and a curse. This is especially true when I'm not feeling well, which is when I'm most likely to utilize the instant feature and watch movies by myself.

After a few false starts with indecisiveness, I discovered Chalk, by director Mike Akel, a fictional documentary about a group of 1st-3rd year high school teachers. The style reminded me a bit of Spellbound or Best in Show, but had me in tears laughing. The combination of character development and proximity to home in regards to the trials of teaching made this a fantastic movie. A great mix of hilarity and seriousness combined with Office-like writing that just makes you uncomfortable for the characters, made me forget that this wasn't actually a true film.

Favorite bit: the Spelling Hornet, where teachers spell slang words that the students quiz them on.

An effective case study of the early years in a teacher's career.

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