Friday, January 04, 2008

Tangerines =/ Clementines

Yet another Sam's Club produce aisle mishap. When will I learn? This time, I was standing between a crate of Cutie Clementines and Super Sweet Tangerines, the Tangerines being $2 cheaper, for a lot more. Being the economical shopper that I am, I went for the tangerines, seeing no difference. Oh, how wrong I was. It turns out that tangerines have seeds. Seeds, I tell you! And not just one little seed here and there. at least two per section. And the sections are small! To add insult to injury, the fruit is not even as easy to peel as my little Cuties, making even more work for me. So now I'm left with a fruit that takes longer to peel than it should, that I have to mangle with a knife before I can eat, or mangle in my mouth in a way that is not very conducive to social eating, in order to spit the seeds into a napkin.

At least I got the Kashi and the string cheese again.

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